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Our Advantage Over Traditional Tools

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The Most Advanced Blending Brush

Hailed by Oprah Magazine, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal as a device that delivers a flawless finish.

We’re challenging the status quo with a beauty tool that’s simple and significantly improves makeup and skincare application compared to traditional brushes, sponges and fingers. Our motorized makeup brush delivers effortless and even foundation coverage regardless of your skill level. Mimicking the motion endorsed by professional artists, our fibers spin faster than the human hand, use less of your favorite makeup, and best of all deliver consistently natural airbrush results.

Flawless Makeup In Minutes

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It’s difficult to get even, natural coverage.

Our 360-spin mimics the motion of makeup pros to deliver amazing results.

  • Our premium, synthetic brushes stimulate your skin for all-day glow.
  • Makeup evenly covers blemishes and reduces the appearance of fine lines.
  • Use less makeup for better skin health and reduces clogged pore break-outs.
  • Build your own set with interchangeable brush heads.

Here’s what the Beauty Editors say:

Beauty Editors

Our History

Carol Martin, a cosmetic surgery consultant and former model invented the concept of the rotating makeup brush while suffering from a wrist injury. Working with professional makeup artists, engineers, and designers, we patented rotating technology to replicate the wrist motion of the professionals. During our research we determined that a 360-spin delivered superior results compared to other tech options like sonic vibration and pulsing motions.


Worth Beauty was founded by Steve and Lori Machiorlette, a seasoned husband and wife team with experience from start-ups to established companies. As President, Lori guides product development, domestic and international partnerships and marketing initiatives. Today, Steve acts in an advisory and strategy role. Worth Beauty is a full-service fulfillment and distribution operation equipped with the best technology for processing orders, managing inventory, and transportation both domestically and overseas. Our team also includes Scott Brient and Kyle Globerman, both patent lawyers with engineering degrees. Charles Wu, based in China, manages our overseas production including Quality Control/Quality Assurance. Additionally, our Houston-based team has expertise in logistics, EDI, large account services, quality control, social media, accounting, and finance. Our corporate offices are located at 3101 Richmond Avenue, Suite 120, Houston, Texas 77098.

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